Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Programming Note: Where is your 2016 "Best Of" review, you lazy sack of cheap hooch and sustained despair?

Hey folks, we're very nearly done with our 6-month long catalogue of all the horror movies I watched in October. But a few of you have been asking me about my annual "Best of year" list, which gets moved further and further back every year but has been a staple on this site for quite awhile now. I know some of you really don't care a lot about anything which is preceded by the words "Jess Franco" or contains the tag "70's Euro Art Horror" and are really just in this because I sometimes review real movies too, and patiently wait for this time of the year when I usually get back to those. I appreciate that. You deserve an explanation here.

The truth is, this is all Trump's fault. His unexpected victory really bummed me out, and took the wind out of my sails for a few months afterwords, which translates to this: I spent November through mid-March drinking cheap booze and watching trashy 80's movies and occasionally going to marches. Alas, that meant I missed out on a bunch of movies in the theater which I thought had every chance (or at least SOME chance) of ending up on my "best of" list, and didn't feel comfortable writing something up without having given most of the prospects a fair chance.

But never fear! I'm back on the wagon now, and trying to pull together the shattered remnants of my former life. I'm gonna be catching up on a bunch of 2016 flicks I missed their first time around, and once I feel like I've made a decent survey of the cinematic landscape of a very, very bad year, I'll come around and do a typically comprehensive review. It might be a month or two, but it'll be out eventually. In the meantime, I got one or two more Chainsawnukah 2016 reviews, and then I'll be moving on to a film history series I'm really excited about, which will hopefully entertain you at least as much as last year's record low-rated Burke-And-Hare-athon. Also I got an increasing book-length "cultural history of mummy fiction" that I started way back last year and will have to drag back out at some point. So, while the future of the world looks grim, at least you'll have something to read on the bus ride to the gulag.

In the meantime, hold tight and thanks so much for reading!

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