Friday, February 10, 2012

Emanuelle Around the World

Emanuelle Around the World (1977)
Dir. Joe D’Amato
Starring Laura Gemser and.... ?

I have no clear memories of this film at all, but I’m told there’s a part where a German Shepard has sex with someone, so that’s fun.


  1. A few things of note: According to wikipedia, this was one of the most expensive films ever produced in Italy up to that time, apparently they actually shot on location in India, Iran (!?), Hong Kong, America, and Italy. I do have a dim recollection of Emanuelle actually walking around the steps of the actual U.S. Capitol Building, so I'm going to call that both plausible and appealingly needless. I probably would have believed the plot about her fucking the Tantric Indian dude equally strongly whether or not it was actually shot in India. Still, bonus points for unnecessary hustle.

    Also of note: director of both EMNAUELLE films Joe D'Amato also directed the punishingly awful but well-named horror cheapie ANTHROPHAGUS, and worked extensively with George Eastman, who appears in this movie apparently as some kind of Senator. Eastman worked as a heavy on lots of Italian Westerns, and with some notable horror directors like Mario Bava, Umberto Lenzi, Lamberto Bava, and -holy shit- Mr. "YOUR VICE IS A LOCKED ROOM AND ONLY I HAVE THE KEY" himself, Sergio Martino. He and D'Amato would collaborate again on my current must-see film, EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD.

  2. I think the german shepherd and snake rape sequences probably qualify as torture, so you might want to add the "Porn (Torture Variety" tag to this one also.

  3. Also, HORRIBLE, D'Amato's sequel to ANTHROWHATEVERGUS, is actually a pretty acceptable, entertaining in places slasher movie. We watched it at my uncle's a while back, everyone really excited to make as many jokes about the name as possible... until it turned out that we all kinda liked it.

  4. I've heard Erotic Nights of the Living Dead is AWFUL, but I'd totally watch it. It's sister film, shot at the same time, with the same cast, and on the same island, is called PORNO HOLOCAUST, and quite frankly, I'd like to see both. Did somebody say double feature?

  5. I don't remember much about HORRIBLE except the puns.